Former Members

Picture of Sharon Inberg

Sharon Inberg

Lab manager, Stern Lab, Technion
Picture of Omer Abraham

Omer Abraham

PhD student Weizmann Institute
Picture of Omer Yuval

Omer Yuval

PhD student University of Leeds, UK
Picture of Tamar Gattegno

Tamar Gattegno

Picture of Shirly Moshe-Belizowsky

Shirly Moshe-Belizowsky

Picture of Ofer Katzir

Ofer Katzir

Picture of Eduard Baquero

Eduard Baquero

Current postion: post-doc, Institut Pasteur
Picture of Liliana Avila Ospina

Liliana Avila Ospina

Current position: post-doc, Institute of Plant Sciences Paris-Saclay
Picture of Boaz Gildor

Boaz Gildor

Current position: Scientist, Bio-Rad
Picture of Son Le Tho

Son Le Tho

PI, Lab of Molecular Nematodes, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Picture of Ksenia Smurova

Ksenia Smurova

Current position: post-doc, Università degli Studi di Trento, Italy
Picture of Veronika Kravtsov

Veronika Kravtsov

Picture of Rony Chanoch

Rony Chanoch

Picture of Hadas Raveh

Hadas Raveh

Picture of Julie Grimm

Julie Grimm

Picture of Amir Sapir

Amir Sapir

Current position: Lecturer, The Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Haifa
Picture of Meital Oren

Meital Oren

Current position: PI, Weizmann Institute of Science.
Picture of Ira Kolotuev

Ira Kolotuev

Current position: EM facility coordinator, Scientific expert University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Picture of Ori Avinoam

Ori Avinoam

Current position: PI, Weizmann Institute of Science
Picture of Gidi Shemer

Gidi Shemer

Current position: Lecturer/Advisor, Biology Department, University of North Carolina, USA
Picture of Jorge Verdin

Jorge Verdin

Current position: PI CIATEJ/Mexico National Council for Science & Technology, Jalisco, Mexico
Picture of Limor Broday

Limor Broday

Current position: Senior Lecturer, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Tel Aviv University, Israel.
Picture of Nirit Asaf

Nirit Asaf

Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
Picture of Rachel Kaminsky

Rachel Kaminsky

Picture of Ranjana Kishore

Ranjana Kishore

Current position: Scientific Curator at California Institute of Technology
Picture of Vardit Adir

Vardit Adir

Current position: Head, Molecular Genetic Laboratory, Bnai Zion Medical Center. Haifa, Israel.
Picture of Marlene Maroun

Marlene Maroun

Picture of Maayan Shmuel

Maayan Shmuel

Picture of Sarah Admoni

Sarah Admoni

Picture of Rachel Broza

Rachel Broza

Picture of Ziva Lapidot

Ziva Lapidot